Webinars and online training events: the new frontier of relations between the world of leather and companies of production and service

It is well known that in the world of genuine leather information, training and the close relationship between producers and customers of products, semi-finished products and components is essential for the professional progress and to be up to date on products, technologies, solutions and trends.

In a particular sector like that of genuine leather, used in different production sectors, with special reference to fashion, design and innovation in the production of items and accessories for the luxury market, the information and training initiatives are becoming more numerous and important.

The major tanning companies make training and supply chain information a real relational marketing model, a model that today more than ever turns out to be a tool much appreciated by designers, modellers, technicians, responsible for purchases or selectors of raw materials and semi-finished products, components that work in companies producing and marketing leather items or products that use leather as a functional or distinctive component.

On this topic we report an article published on the International Leather Maker website that reports on a webinar conducted by Ian Banks entitled: “Raw materials market trends and the role of the modern hide trader”.

The protagonists of the leather world want to inform and be more and more informed, and on this front Conceria Leonica is working giving life to important information and training initiatives involving experts, technicians, managers, entrepreneurs, stylists, designers, modellers, commercials and marketers in a sector always in continuous development like that of genuine leather and products made with it.

Below is the link to the portal https://internationalleathermaker.com where you can read the article dedicated to the event in question directly from the source and find the biography of Ian Banks the presenter of the event in question.