The global market for automotive interior materials cannot resist the charm of Italian quality

Conceria Leonica is present in the market of materials for the production of seats and interior linings of cars, providing the industry with high quality leathers that have, among the features most requested by car manufacturers, an excellent price / quality ratio and the fact that they are processed in Italy.

Thanks to its organization, the experience in selecting the hides to work and its cutting-edge technology, it is able to be competitive on markets all over the world.

The tendency for original equipment manufacturers (OEM) in the automotive industry is to increase the investment in order to provide quality interiors more and more attractive to encourage the purchase of cars, in a market where sales fluctuations have a thousand of ups and downs despite the great appeal that cars have always had in consumer spending priorities, car manufacturers and automotive companies are still having to deal with customers’ wallets.

High-end or even luxury cars, however, are still a much-purchased good, even if today, before buying, the customer makes a more accurate reflection and focuses more and more on how much and what he buys with his money.

This is why the price / quality ratio even in industrial supplies, as in the case of leather for interiors and car seats, is a very important dynamic, that the protagonists of this market take seriously into consideration by looking for leathers in the increasingly global market, but not resisting the attractiveness of the top quality leathers worked in Italy.