The foreign market of Italian leathers signed by Leonica

The foreign market of Italian leathers signed by Leonica

In Leonica we have always turned not only to the domestic market but also to the foreign one, a market that plays the big part for the whole Italian tanning sector, in particular with regard to our belonging tanning district which is located between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona.
We are suppliers of many important companies and prestigious brands not only in Italy but also abroad.

When we see furniture products, fashion products, luxury goods, or when we drive a car that offers the comfort of the leather, we fly in business class on the planes of some companies, when we get on a yacht or see the splendor and style of the ships that sail the seas today, we cannot but think that most likely that leather product, the coating of that couch or the seat of that car or plane was probably built primarily with high quality Italian leathers and we know that in many cases those high quality leathers are signed by Leonica.

Leonica customizes productions for companies of all sizes, our staff of technicians and experts is always available to companies and industries around the world that use leathers from the formidable Italian tanning skill.

Managers, technicians, stylists, designers and decision makers from companies around the world are in constant contact with us and are increasingly participating in our initiative of study, information, training and cooperation for the creation of style, fashion, sustainability, technological and business evolution in the sectors that use leather coming from food processing.

Are you a manager, a stylist, a technician, a designer in the leather or furnishing sector?

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