The  fashion pact also appeals to the world of leather

The fashion pact also appeals to the world of leather

We report that COTANCE, the representative body of the European leather industry, welcomes the concepts of sustainability included in the Fashion Pact, signed at the G7 by 32 luxury and fashion brands to protect the environment.

This is also reflected in the article reported on the official website of the organization of which you can find the link at the bottom of the page.
Many luxury brands are good customers of European and in particular Italian tanners, some of them are customers of Conceria Leonica, the historic tannery of Lonigo, Vicenza, in Italy.

Conceria Leonica has always been attentive and sensitive to projects concerning sustainability with particular reference to the environmental protection; in fact, immersed since the seventies in the marvelous context of the Colli Berici between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, has equipped itself with the most advanced purification systems for the waters coming from the processing and sewage sludge is given to a primary certified company for its reuse in the production of agricultural products.

When it comes to environmental protection and corporate sustainability, Conceria Leonica is always at the forefront both in facts and communication and is involved in raising awareness about the imperative need to protect the environment.

COTANCE, European Leather Industry Association