Tech & Style Hub

Tech & Style Hub by Leonica quality leather

Our motto “we work for your success” finds a further practical application with our “Tech & Style Hub” by Leonica quality leather, it is an initiative of dissemination, updating and collaboration with companies that produce furniture, couches, seats and special furnishings, leather goods, technical and fashion items using the prestigious leathers produced in Italy.

Dedicated to business owners, production managers, technicians, purchasing managers, quality managers, stylists, designers and to all those company figures involved in the use and selection of leather for their productions, “Tech & Style Hub” provides them with a dedicated internet website where they can find informative material, technical data sheets, video tutorials, reports on technologies, market trends and info about the always innovative methods of using the prestigious leathers worked in Italy.

In addition, the “Tech & Style Hub” periodically organizes online events and meetings on the occasion of exhibitions or at many locations both in Italy and abroad.

A window to the evolution of the sector and the sustainability of production.

The inscription to “Tech & Style Hub” is open to all the people who work in the production of goods and services using real leather coming from the food chain for their creations.

Registration is absolutely free, to register just fill out the form or contact us, you will access the reserved area and you will be informed about initiatives, webinars and the contents of the hub which, day after day, is enriched with downloadable documents, videos, audios and records available online.