Tannery and love for the environment

Tannery and love for the environment

We are surrounded by nature, in a magnificent semi-hilly area located between the provinces of Vicenza and Verona, a beautiful environment to love, respect and promote.

Gleria family, which has always led Leonica, is natives of these places, where the culture of love and respect for the environment is rooted in the mentality of people who from this land have always drawn their sustenance and every opportunity for progress.

We know how important is to preserve our territory for us, for our history and for our children, which is why, since the seventies, we have equipped ourselves with a modern and technologically updated tannery wastewater treatment plant.

After the various purification phases, the resulting by-products are given to companies specialized in their correct reuse for the production of agricultural fertilizers.

All the phases of production, handling and disposal of goods and products are strictly controlled and in accordance to law because for us the respect for the environment is not a mere slogan, but a precise commitment that we follow every day.

In 1999 Conceria Leonica achieved the Italian Certification for process system quality, ICEC Institute for the certification of tanning industries, for processing conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001, regulations Certificate n. 057-, last updated in December 2017.