Sun and technology for leather tanning

Sun and technology for leather tanning

In ancient times, an important step in tanning was to expose the hides to the sun, obtaining a semi-rigid and dry surface before starting the actual tanning process.

Today the sun in leather tanning has an even more important role, both from the economic but above all from the of respect for the environment point of view.

For this reason, Conceria Leonica spa has long been equipped with an important photovoltaic system for the self-production of a large part of the electricity used to operate the plants in Lonigo (Vicenza).

Respect for the territory and the environment is one of the values that we proudly carry on and is at the center of the decision-making processes, the investments in technology and the financial decisions that every day the managers of our company are called to take.

We like to say that we tan the leather with the collaboration of the sunbeams and with the generous and infinite energy that we benefit from it by cooperating concretely with the spread of the culture of the use of renewable energies.