Conceria Leonica SpA

Nautical Interiors

After years of development and research we created the MARINE line, dedicated to the nautical sector for interior finishes of yachts and boats, where the waterproofness of the finishes, the resistance to abrasion and to UV rays are among the main technical characteristics required.

We offer a wide range of colors and prints to match every aesthetic and design need.

OUTDOOR is the article for interiors and exteriors par excellence. It was born from the desire to offer a leather that can also be used externally, with superior wear resistance over time to sunlight, moisture, salt, sweat and cold.


  • on good quality bovine leathers
  • raw leather origin: Europe or Extra Europe
  • thickness 1,0/1,1 mm
  • size 4,0/4,5 m² each hide
  • water finishing with pigments

Technical sheet