Conceria Leonica SpA

Leonica Sustainability

Sustainability is a topic that we take seriously at Leonica.

We work every day in search of continuous management improvement in all business divisions, bearing in mind the common heritage to be safeguarded regarding the quality of the production, the environment and life, the safety of people, the products and the world around us.

Customer satisfaction goal:

We have created structured business processes that can manage all company divisions in a coordinated way, with the aim of increasing customers satisfaction by collaborating with them, in order to offer products and solutions that can support them in achieving their objectives and the success of their products that are made using leather produced by Conceria Leonica spa.

Planning and organization:

Thanks to the continuous search for innovative and sustainable solutions, the technology and the internal organization, we are able to offer an adequate planning for production, deliveries and study activities for products standardized or customized according to customer requirements.

We work and supply leather produced in Italy to companies all over the world and of all sizes, we maintain high standards in all phases and aspects of both the production cycle and the entire supply chain in which we participate.

Respect for people and the environment:

We continuously improve our relationship with the environment, the safety of operators and we work to increase the eco-sustainability of our company.

We believe that one of the most ancient human activities, such as leather tanning, cannot be conducted in contrast with the environment and the man, in harmony with collective well-being and nature, in our particular case also in consideration of the wonderful environmental context in which  are located our factories of production, storage and handling of goods.