Leonica: social, environmental, economic and product best practices

Leonica: social, environmental, economic and product best practices

The world of the tanning industry is made of hard work, great commitment and above all of great and constructive commercial competition, every day renewed on the markets all over the world.

All the people who work at Conceria Leonica are committed on creating high quality products, to do so they need skills, collaborative spirit and innovative mentality.

More than in a tanning industry, when you are in Leonica you have the feeling of being in an artisan, almost family environment; probably because the company is actually a family business where the owners and their sons are engaged with the top executives employed in the company, the specialized technicians, the people who are involved in the daily production making available their experience and their commitment, the commercial employees who bring the leather produced by Leonica all over the world in companies that produce quality in different sectors of their competence, as for example: furniture, sofas and chairs in general, contract companies, companies that produce leather goods and fashion items, manufacturers of furniture and seats for the automotive, aviation, luxury boats, saddlery products for the horse industry and many other types of production, from the most common to the special productions that require leathers with a high degree of customization.

Conceria Leonica’s best practices are also evident in the activities that concern the environmental protection, with important investments started many decades ago and constantly increased for the purification of processing water, the assignment of the sewage sludge to a major company specialized in the transformation into useful products for agriculture, the production of electricity from the sun through a large photovoltaic plant.

Conceria Leonica’s best practices are also developed in the constant research and definition of innovative products with a high degree of customization to meet the needs of big industries, the special requests of artisans, designers, modellers and stylists from all over the world and to always keep the best price-quality ratio.