Leonica committed to communicating and promoting sustainability is in good company

Leonica committed to communicating and promoting sustainability is in good company

From the website www.laconceria.it

Sustainability, circular economy, respect for the environment, are all topics that we at Conceria Leonica carry out every day both through our social media communication channels and through the commercial and informative daily activities.

It is with pleasure that today we report an interesting article published on Sunday 24 November in the specialized technical magazine “La Conceria” which takes stock of interesting initiatives and communication of important concepts such as sustainability, circular economy and exclusivity of a leather garment, because a leather garment is always unique and unrepeatable thanks to the material used to produce it.

We produce leathers for companies of all sizes, such as furniture or contract; among those who use our leathers there are brands that produce clothing and leather goods, we also produce special leathers for aviation, boating, automotive and transport in general.

We are committed to spreading the message that leather products, in addition to always be valid and precious when, as in our case, come from the food industry chain, become an important asset and the tannery becomes a valuable system for activating the circular economy and the reuse of a product, that if not reused and valued by producing other goods to be placed on the market, would be reduced to simple waste, with the consequent costs in environmental and economic terms.

In the article, of which you can find the link at the bottom of the page, is also given information on the fact that “UNIC – Concerie Italiane” is starting with a communication campaign for this purpose.

Source: https://www.laconceria.it/cultura/comunicare-e-promuovere-la-pelle-leather-naturally-35-sui-social/