Leather Customization Team at the service of the manufacturer

Leather Customization Team at the service of the manufacturer

On the occasion of the LINEAPELLE fair which will take place in Milan from 19 to 22 February 2020, Conceria Leonica spa will present the Leather Customization Team, a team formed by consultants, technicians and specialists at the service of those who produce using cow hides from the food industry chain.

The Leather Customization Team is available to all the operators responsible for the production and to those who, due to their role in their company, are part of the decision-making chain and are involved in the choice of leathers to be used in the production of:

  • Furnishing
  • Leather goods in general
  • Seats for cars, boating, aviation and trains
  • Products, accessories and components for the automotive industry
  • Sports or technical clothing in leather
  • Leather fashion clothing
  • Riding saddles
  • Luxury products
  • Special products

The Leather Customization Team offers its means, tools and skills by assisting:

  • Business owners and managers
  • Decision makers
  • Production managers and technicians
  • Stylists and Modelers
  • Architects and designers
  • Commercial managers and marketers
  • Responsible for quality control and compliance
  • Selectors of hides and experts

Both in industry and in the craft sector, the use of leathers designed and produced specifically for the use for which they are intended is fundamental.

The study of the characteristics that the leather must have based on its final destination starts with the purchase of the raw material where the preparation, experience and knowledge of the supply market leaves no room for improvisation.

The Team provides its analysis laboratories to test the leathers produced according to the requirements, also in relation to the protocols to be respected and certifications to be achieved or maintained.

The Team constantly follows the entire production process also in terms of production times, cost control and of course quality.

The Team is able to satisfy even the most complex requests for leather customization and also those that require additional processing entrusted to third-party companies belonging to the Leonica network.

Mass customization is a request to which our Team responds promptly, proposing leather for the production of items of common use and for which a mass distribution is expected.

The customization of leathers for niche and special productions or intended for the Luxury market requires additional specific skills and notions, both on technical matters and on fashion trends, that our Team is able to provide.

Timing, synchronization and organization of the goods handling are also aspects followed by the Team.