Conceria Leonica SpA


CONCERIA LEONICA SPA invests in technology and looks to the future with the installation of a new generation pigmentation plant.

After our participation in the project “IMPIANTO DI PIGMENTAZIONE AUTOMATICO ROTATIVO / ELLITTICO A TRE CABINE” (THREE CABINS ROTARY / ELLIPTICAL AUTOMATIC PIGMENTATION SYSTEM), we were admitted as part of the program POR FESR 2014-2020 promoted by Veneto Region, which will allow us to diversify the production towards items with higher added value required by today’s leather market.

Furthermore, it will also be possible to radically transform the state of the art of the company with regard to the traditional products that can be processed more efficiently and more safely for the workers, in a less invasive way for the environment and energetically more economical thanks to the use of more efficient technologies.

Conceria Leonica Spa