Conceria Leonica SpA


Conceria Leonica, is a tannery constituted by Eresside Gleria with others partners, is actually runned by sons Urbano e Mariano. It has over 45 experience years in leather sector and represents one of the best specialist in developing and manufacturing of leather articles, actually turn to interiors, from sofas and office chairs to a more technical sector such as car interiors, flame-retardant leather for airplane´s interiors and public places´ interiors (theatres and cinemas).

  • In 1998, Conceria Leonica Spa has set up another business: Leather Team Srl. This firm manufactures on commited client´s leathers, making use of a consolidated experience in finishing leather, with new and avant-garded technologies in the matter.
  • In 1999 Conceria Leonica Spa has obtained the Italian Quality Company Certification ICEC (for tanneries), for manufacturing products as per normative UNI EN ISO 9002, Certificate n. 057.
  • In 2000 has got the first Product Certification for the article “LEOCAR”, for Cars´ interiors. Certificate ICEC n. 026.
  • In 2012 was rewarded for its 50th Anniversary by Giorgio Squinzi, president of the Confederation of Italian Industries.