Conceria Leonica SpA

Furniture leather

Not all modern things are simple, but simple things are always modern; this is the idea that transforms fashion into elegance. And it is for this reason that our leathers become a precious ally in internal furnishing for a finished product which is both an interpreter of traditions and innovative trends. The leathers produced for furnishings are placed in the medium-high section of the market thanks to the extremely high quality and the necessary requisites of softness and naturalness.

We are technically capable of producing any article: from aniline, pigmented full grain, half grain to the corrected grain further to the bycast and split generally produced in combination with the grain.

Each article may have a different thickness and also have different finishings: from a single shade to kelato, to the cloud and striped, waxed and pull up effects, using various types of embossing and with opaque, semi-shiny and shiny finishes according to customer requirements.