Conceria Leonica SpA


The processing of the leather has always been characterized by an elevated environmental impact, both due to the consumption of water, and the type and the entity of the waste products.

Aware of this, we have paid particular attention to the environmental criticality, not only committing ourselves to respecting the normatives in force, but also looking for possible alternatives and optimal solutions in respect of the surrounding environment.

Our environmental policy consists in:

  • the use of machineries that allow us to reduce energy consumptions to a minimum and reduce the polluting sources;
  • the use of our own depurator since 1974, performing maintenance and improvements to the same using the latest techniques in purification and daily checking the parameters of the waste waters;
  • the abatement plant for fumes deriving from the spray pigmentation cabins;
  • installation of solar panels for the annual production of 140 Kw per year that serve to partially meet business needs;
  • study is in the installation of a gas cogenerator, which will serve to cater for the entire current business needs and production of hot water used for the processing of hides.

The Conceria Leonica adopting a manufacturing process in accordance with the parameters and requirements of the current legislation, to offer a natural product like leather.