Conceria Leonica SpA

Certificated Quality

Today Conceria Leonica represents one of the most important experts in the development and production of leathers currently working with the sectors of internal furnishings, from sofas to office armchairs, and the more technical sectors of automobiles, aeronautics and nautical products. We have a laboratory fitted with machinery to elaborate internal physical tests, such as the resistance to rubbing, bending tests, resistance of the finishing adhesion and the lights device BoxLight for the visual control of colour with the different tonalities of light and tests to measure the resistance to fire for flameproof leathers. The company also has an American manufactured spectrophotometer, an essential tool used to realize in a scientific and exact manner the colour required by the customers.

The continuous investments and updating on fittings and equipments, allow us to maintain an elevated qualitative standard.

In 1999 Conceria Leonica achieved the Italian Certification for process system quality, ICEC Institute for the certification of tanning industries, for processing conforming to the UNI EN ISO 9001, regulations Certificate n. 057-, last updated in December 2017.