Conceria Leonica SpA


From 1961 to today Conceria Leonica has acquired a deep knowledge of the various types of raw materials coming from all over the world and, in their processing and transformation, aims to define high technical and quality standards for the products that customers need for their markets.

Our complete production cycle is designed according to the characteristics of the leather, since the raw materials, depending on the origin, are very different both for choice and for fiber, they are suitable for a specific processing.

Our production capacity can reach over one million square feet of leather per month divided between various items:

Aniline – Semi-Aniline – Full Grain – Nubuck – Half Grain – Correct Grain

The articles can be developed and made in various thicknesses and subjected to more than a few manufacturing processes in various prints: from solid colors to “two one effect”, from waxed to “pull up”, as well as vintage items.

We have advanced equipment and we intend to invest in this direction, so that our customers can benefit from a product that is more powerful.