Conceria Leonica SpA

Aircraft Interiors

In this sector leather needs special technical attention to the high safety standards required.

This is how, more than 20 years ago, our technical and fireproof aviation leather line AEROCLASSIC was born, that in the various print structures and customizations maintains a high level of performance and durability over time to minimize “machine downtime”.

AEROCLASSIC conforms to the fire resistance requirements of the sector and we can offer a rapid service of customization of color and quantity, thanks to the stock of fireproof semi-finished ready for finishing.


  • For airplane’s range or public transports, such as train seats, and for public places as theatres and cinemas
  • Done on full bovine leathers
  • Size 4,3/5,3 m²
  • Thickness 1,0/1,2 mm.
  • Full grain corrected
  • Water finishing
  • Embossed

AEROCLASSIC meet the following test specification:
– FAR 25’853 (a), Am. 25-83
– JAR 25’853 (a), Am.93/1
– CS 25’853 App. F
– ABD 0031 (on request)

AEROCLASSIC Aviation Leather Line is available in the following textures and more: