Quality and excellence
Quality and excellence

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Our creations
Our creations

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We shape the best leathers
We shape the best leathers

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Over 50 years of experience
Over 50 years of experience

technology and fashion trends in every single leather we produce

Following the many messages of concern and affection received by our collaborators and international customers, we are with this message to signal that the situation of the corona virus in Italy is serious but under Health Authority control.
Companies are continuing to work and people are living normally with care and attention between people.
In compliance with the directions provided by the Health Authorities, we have taken steps to implement all precautionary measures to protect our staff and all those involved in our work.
We want to ensure that in Conceria Leonica Spa all employees are in excellent health, we are continuing to work and guarantee our customers all our delivery programs.
There are no limitations in the shipment of leathers and delivery times are honored, we are not facing any troubles with logistics.
Our commercial, purchasing and technical departments are fully operational and available for any request.
We are constantly monitoring the evolution of the situation, without unnecessary alarms in a positive way.
Thanks to everyone for the interest shown and a wish that this situation will be resolved at soonest.
Conceria Leonica SpA
Lonigo, 10/03/2020

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Since 1961 we produce leather for furniture, aviation, automotive aftermarket, leather, footwear, saddlery

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